User Centered Design v/s API Centered Design

Today I came across few iPhone applications. The task was to simplify one developed by the firm I am working for. They wanted to simplify their existing application by carrying few User- Centered evaluation cycles.

The application at hand was quite in a bad shape (there you are! yeah,  for the users as everything else was flawless).  So the obvious question was “why is it so”? When everyone from the development front wants to improve the performance of their application then why suddenly the end product is still so alien? Thanks to the open market; it is when the companies couldn’t see any such application making in to buying list, a few of them try to look back and investigate for the reasons.

I realize that companies these days are lured by the open source stuff. They want to learn what all is offered in the plate. In a discussion, a close colleague of mine told me that questions like “How the APIs work and how can be these be put to the best of their economic advantage?” score highest in a company’s quest. Thus this approach is most often centered around picking up an API and developing an application around it. Something which I would now love to call “API Centered Design” 🙂


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