What did a polar explorer say?

Recently in a talk session at IIT Bombay, we got to hear Sir Robert Swan. He is a polar explorer, an environmental leader and the first person ever to have walked to the North and South poles. He gave an interesting talk, although almost close to a performance on stage, on his experiences as a member of a polar exploration team.

Many a times people do a lot of things in their life, mostly in a sense that they achieve these things and feel satisfied. However it is often the case that they forget their childhood dreams. Something which they have thought to accomplish in their life as a child fades in a chase to achieve other things in life. Perhaps one can just do the opposite i.e. remember ones childhood dreams and make plans to realize those.

Secondly it is important to find good friends and constitute a good team. Often a team where individuals disagree performs better than the one where individuals agree. Well this seems quite something like a management mantra but to an extent it seems reasonable to say so. People could have common goals but they may have different methodologies to realize these goals. It is important to acknowledge this plurality in individual opinions and use this to best suit the purpose.


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