Buy first the sleekness and then grave for staying sturdy.

The hand held gadget market is rolling at its best these days. Its not rare to spot smart tablets of different sizes and cell phones with bigger screens supported over android or apple platforms. The consumers seem to be happy too though I have few of those walking towards me while trying to establish a Wifi internet connection. Anyways I don’t intend to comment on the software of these products in this post. Instead I would love to write about an interesting observation here. These smart tablets and iPads typically have sleek, minimalistic and clean designs with rounded corners. With a glossy finish these products look wonderful in a consumer’s hand. But stay there for a while and you will see that the person is barely in a position to keep these hi-end tablets and pads in his hand confidently. Most often he could be seen taking special care while handling these products. The fear that the tablet or the cell phone will slip off from your hand is quite evident. And then just next to the tables where these gadgets are put for sales, lies a series of bags and jackets. The manufacturer of these bags, jackets and stands advertize by saying that they know how to keep your favorite gadgets ‘safe’. And then you spot the same consumer with a reincarnated version of these gadgets in their reinforced skins. So whats the point? The aesthetic for which one buys these gadgets gets compromised so soon. I wonder how designers would address this? They have rounded off the corners to make it look sleek and humanistic but they had to also offer you additional ‘designed’ material to make these corners sturdy. Doesn’t it ask for a little more- in terms of considering the overall ecosystem of the product.


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