Abhishek is a Ph.D. student at Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay. Prior to joining research at IDC, he had worked for 3 years as a User Experience consultant. He has an active interest in the discipline and believes that most of his group projects were more fun than individual projects. He is professionally trained as an Electronics engineer and then as a New Media designer from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. In retrospection while trying to reason his choice for a career in design, he feels that it is “Cartooning” which made him do so. He has been drawing actively since 1990 and has worked for different Newspapers including National Herald, Delhi.

He likes music – if a good recipe is made out of meaningful lyrics, cartooning and meeting friends informally. He still doesn’t think he can claim an interest like reading books as it usually takes him weeks to finish a book but he is interested in topics like social relevance and assimilation of new technologies, new media culture, games, sustainable growth, being common in an internet age, language, movies and arts. This blog lists some of the public domain work Abhishek has done over the years and also a list of blog posts. The views mentioned in his blog posts are personal and he would try giving appropriate credits whenever possible. Have fun 🙂