Tactile Computing Prototype

The video shows a prototype exploring the idea of making ambient lighting sensitive to the presence of people dwelling in a home. During this project, we created electronic sensors using textiles and other components. We used these sensors in the floor to sense the people walking over it. Inputs from these sensors are then used to control lighting in the space.

Tactile Computing- Video 1 from abhishek shrivastava on Vimeo.


Light Sensitive Home Lighting System – Prototype iteration from Abhishek Shrivastava on Vimeo.


Art in a restroom- An attempt to explore Dadaism.

Art in a restroom from abhishek shrivastava on Vimeo.

This video gives a glimpse of our attempt to put ‘Objects of art’ in a space like “public restrooms”. We explored an art movement like ‘Dadaism’ during a course titled ‘Science and Liberal Arts’.


Numb from abhishek shrivastava on Vimeo.

This sound piece tries to question the relevance of an information like news in a much communicated environment like ours. What happens when news passes through the minds of each of us with different contextual backgrounds. How do we perceive and relate to news? Is the actual message retained?

Trying to bring this feeling amongst the audience of this piece.