IVR System Design and Hosting

Almost a month back I was anxiously looking for IVR hosting solutions and apparently ended up writing a SOS call on this blog. This is a follow up of that call with some information which I could receive. I also want to express my gratitude to someone who saw my call and replied me with his valuable suggestions. However as I set to do so in this post, I would bring back some of the references for a quick refresh. I am currently developing IVR prototypes for a usability testing. This required me to follow up a number of steps, right from finding an application domain to finding an information lag, to creating a script and recording the same. However one of the most crucial of these steps is to finally make everything work. I was suffering so much there.

Anyways, that’s where I had to call for help. Thanks Nalin, co-founder Mayavi Telecommunications, for sending out suggestions regarding the IVR hosting solutions. You introduced me to some of the best ones in this domain like Kookoo, Knowlarity and FreeSwitch, apart from Exotel which I’m finally using. A part of the suggestion was to keep an eye on IVRS world, a blog by Uttam Pegu. Uttam writes extensively about IVR system design and more recently about cloud telephony. It is an interesting blog which attends to a number of questions in the context of Indian Telephony scenario. Other things which I discovered includes an interesting Visual IVR design framework called CallKick. It is launched recently by Mayavi Telecommunications and comes bundled with a ready-to-install android app.
All these mentions form an interesting Pandora box which I wasn’t aware of earlier 🙂


Woody Allen – Attempting (not) to glorify the popular notion of a hero on a screen


Recently I had a chance to watch three different movies by Woody Allen- Annie Hall, Manhattan Murder Mystery and Whatever Works. In the first two movies he had acted as well. After watching these movies I have no reservation in admitting that I really liked his treatment of the stories. He sort of demystifies the idea of a hero on the screen. In Manhattan Murder Mystery, he plays the character of a guy who is full of anxiety, someone who refrains from being adventurous. On the contrary the wife of this character is full of adventure and dare. She is the one who would try revealing truth behind a murder. She is the one who would walk a mile extra than her husband to try out a spy plan. In any such situation, the character which Woody Allen plays had no option other than to follow his wife. But he does so with great anxiety, often to an extent of breaking the silence and breaking up the articles.

One other thing which I would like to make a mention of is his attempt to break the frame and talk to the audience. One can see him talking to the viewer of his movie when he is having dinner at his girlfriend’s house in Annie  Hall. His does this more often as a director in Whatever Works. I guess as a strategy this works very well in case of movies where the characters are constantly engaged in talks and discussion amongst themselves. A viewer, if ever, feels disinterested has something to grab whenever one of the characters disengages with the inner world of cinema and talks to him. Frankly I felt the same in the initial time. But suddenly with one of the character talking to you, enables the viewer to reorient himself. Isn’t it amazing!